Serres Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lead Beneficiary)

The Serres Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a local organization of businesses and companies in Serres with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Greece. Founded in 1947, has approximately 10.000 members and consists of three sectors: Trade (3.600), Manufacturing (1.400) & Services (5.000). In the context of the responsibilities and activities of the institution of CCI, the Serres Chamber in cooperation with other local institutions supports its members through its activities and initiatives and contributes to the economic and social development of the Prefecture.

Serres Chamber’s activities involve:

  • compliance of the General Commercial Registry
  • service of One Stop Shop
  • submitting memoranda and proposals to Ministries
  • providing an Office for Investors’ Information
  • giving answers to investment plans
  • providing services to the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board Office
  • providing Business School
  • organizing commercial and professional delegations and meetings
  • participating in international commercial exhibitions
  • developing and keeping a data base of Businesses of the Prefecture of Serres
  • an Information Office advising members on tax and insurance topics.

The Serres CCI is called upon to play a leading role as spearheading Greek economic collaboration especially with the Balkan countries, and thus it has developed excellent relationships with those countries, and in particular with Bulgaria. One factor that contributes positively to this is the position of the Prefecture of Serres, with the entrance and exit to and from Eastern Europe.

 SCCI has participated in various projects in the past including (indicative list): Learning Community”, “EMPLOCOMP”, “ENACT”, “ENTRE+GB” “SKILLS BALANCING.

Partner’s Budget: 174.860,00€

Research Committee – University of Western Macedonia (PB2)

The University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) is a multi-campus university in Northwestern GREECE, in the REGION OF WESTERN MACEDONIA. It was founded in 2002 in Kozani. Today it counts 6 departments:

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (Kozani)
  • Department of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (Kozani)
  • Department of Environmental Engineering (Kozani)

Faculty of Educational Sciences:

  • Department of Elementary Education (Florina)
  • Department of Nursery Education (Florina)

Faculty of Fine arts:

  • Department of Applied and Visual Arts (Florina)

UOWM Research Committee’s activities focus on the management of research projects and the setup of the complete formation of the university’s research policy. In accordance with that framework, the Special Account for Research Funds (SARF – ΕLKE), as a part of the Research Committee, notices the teaching and research staff of the university for potential (project) funding sources, encourages the submission of proposals for specific research projects and directs the university staff on how to take advantage and implement funding procedures, regarding research and development projects.       

SARF’s primary goal is to manage funds on the behalf of the university, coming from any source related to national, European and international projects. These funds may cover expenses of any kind, which are necessary for the implementation and completion of research, academic, educational and development projects. These expenses may be related to the rendering of scientific, technological, managerial, business and art services, elaboration of special technical studies, implementation of any kind of scientific laboratory tests and analyses, the setting up of scientific and technical specifications for third parties and the rendering of any other services that may contribute to the interconnection of education and research with the actual production. These services shall be executed by either members of the academic and research staff of the university or by external scientists and technical experts, from the public or the private sector.  

Partner’s Budget: 143.000,00€

Research and Development Society of Kilkis Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PB3)

Research and Development Society of Kilkis Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETEAK) was founded in June 1994, by the Chamber of Kilkis (Public Entity) and is operating towards the scope of the Chamber. ETEAK’s main stakeholder is the Chamber of Kilkis with 99%, while the Commercial Association of Kilkis is also participating with 1%.

ETEAK’s Board of Directors is composed of the five members of the Chamber’s Executive Committee and the President of the Commercial Association of Kilkis. After the elections of December 2017, ETEAK’s current Chairman is Mr. Pavlos Tonikidis.

ETEAK, since its foundation, works in close collaboration with the Chamber and is active in various fields, with two main objectives:

  • to support members of the Chamber by informing and consulting on financial tools, manage projects, business, foreign markets and export procedures, product launch and development of their export activity.
  • to support the Chamber in managing programs and projects implemented; organizing events and seminars, mediation and use of financial instruments.

ETEAK has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of European and National Projects such as (indicative list): IPRforSEE, INCLUDE, e-BEST, SYN-ENERGEIN for employment, CO-CREATE, BRENDA.

Partner’s Budget: 134.200,00€


Chamber of Pella (PB4)

The Pella Chamber was founded in 1981 by Presidential Decree 155/14-02-1981. In accordance with the law, it is administered by an elected 21-member Board of Directors and a 5-member Administrative Committee.

The Pella Chamber aims at protecting and developing Trade, Industry, Craft Industry, and the Professions of the region, within the framework of National Economy, as well as at promoting the economic growth of the region.

The most important services provided to the Chamber members, apart from the administrative ones, include the following:

  • The Chamber submits to the State consultative reports and opinions, pertaining to trade, manufacture, and various professions. It participates in committees and bodies for the programming of infrastructure works. It promotes the development of export trade, manufacture, various professions, and generally the increase of production and productivity.
  • It manages industrial areas and free trade zones, business centres, permanent exhibitions, exhibition spaces, etc.
  • It establishes non-profit companies for the management of community funds, mainly, or revenues from other international organizations.
  • It organizes conferences, seminars, and educational programmes.
  • It provides to its members, and to every interested body, opinions and information on every issue of an economic nature.

Partner’s Budget: 89.400,00€


University of St. Kliment Ohridski – Bitola – Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies (PB5)

Founded in 2014 as separate unit by merging Department of ICT of the Faculty of Technical Sciences and part of the Faculty of Administration and Management of Information Systems.

Origins of ICT education at University ”St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola are from 2001 when first study program in Applied Informatics are established at Faculty of Technical Sciences.

Its mission is to provide educational services and scientific research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, as well as to offer lifelong learning services.

Its Vision:

  • To build a leading educational position in the field of ICT technologies in the wider region of Bitola.
  • To provide study programs that will be adjusted to the requirements of the business sector, and to strengthen the cooperation with regional businesses in the field.
  • To provide cooperation with well-established world universities that offer educational services in the field of ICT.
  • To build a recognizable brand in the country and abroad by adjusting the study programs to the programs taught at the highest ranked universities in the world.

Partner’s Budget: 244.140,00€


Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development Preda Plus (PB6)

Having its roots and experience in private sector development, Pelagonia-PREDA was recognized as a stabile partner of its funders, the nine Pelagonia region municipalities in their efforts for regional development and inter-municipal cooperation.

In 2010 the organization grew and transformed itself into new Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development – PREDA Plus. The aim was to provide continuity of a decade of investments in institutional and human capital development.

Moreover, in 2013 the gained unique experience in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was offered in Kosovo through implementation of tourism project, TourTaste. In 2015, PREDA Plus Kosovo was established as a step towards our goal to contribute in development process of Western Balkan countries.

At the moment the Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development – PREDA Plus experiences rapid growth process in terms of team members, turnover, geographical outreach and international operations in both countries. PREDA PLUS is a promoter of sustainable economic development and social prosperity through facilitation of public, private and civil initiatives, on local/regional level in the Balkans.

Main tasks of PREDA Plus include:

  • Promotion of good governance through strategic planning and implementation, respecting the principles of transparency and participation
  • Professional project and grant management
  • Distinctive models for Business Sector Development
  • Organizational/institutional development
  • Socio-economic development

Partner’s Budget: 64.600,00€