What are the benefits of my participation in the project?

You will gain skills, guidance, experiences and acquaintances to make your innovative idea a viable business

Any industry. There is no limitation

Interested graduates will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for innovative ideas organized by the project partners and 120 beneficiaries (with an innovative idea either individually or in groups of 3-4 persons) from eligible cross border area will be selected to participate in the programme.  

Selected beneficiaries (60 in Greece and 60 in North Macedonia) will receive mentoring services and coaching focusing on developing their project ideas. All programmes will end with a “Demo Day”. In parallel, selected beneficiaries will go through an express training programme of 40 hours

The innovative business ideas will be further evaluated and the scientific committee will draw up a list of the innovative ideas and will ultimately favor the 15 ideas (either individually or in groups of 3-4 persons) from each country that will be accommodated in the pre-incubation for a period of 3 months. Beneficiaries from Greece and North Macedonia will be accommodated in the pre-incubation facilities in Thessaloniki and Bitola respectively.

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