Coaching/mentoring services: Phase I, Business plan development

The coaching/mentoring services were implemented by ZBK Kreacija Skopje in the premises of FICT. The methodology and organization of the assignment composed of services delivery in two phases: I Business idea development and II Business plan development.

The first phase was composed of applicable knowledge, advices, exercises and tools for leading young people to develop their business ideas through group and individual coaching/mentoring sessions, compiling it with communications and presentations tools, resulting with improved skills to attract interest for their business idea.

Achieved results:

  • 60 applicants on the web links for participation in Coaching/mentoring program
  • 47 candidates were included in coaching/mentoring services, two groups: A with 22 candidates, and B with 24 candidates
  • 18 Business Concepts developed for the Demo day

Implemented activities:

  • Two groups’ meetings organized for forming teams
  • 375 hours coaching/mentoring sessions organized
  • Three meetings for presentation and communications skills organized


  • Handbook for business ideas development
  • Lists of two groups of candidates (20 groups x 20) and 10 teams (5 from group)
  • Time table and schedule for Coaching/mentoring of groups and teams
  • 11 business ideas developed and described
  • 18 power point presentations prepared
  • Interim report about delivered services in phase I