EMPLOYOUTH virtual meeting with the Venture Capital Uni.Fund

On Tuesday 23/3/2021, the top five (5) ranked ideas in the transnational innovative idea competition (held on 4-12-2020) had the opportunity to participate in networking activities with the VC Uni.Fund via zoom platform.

The participants had the opportunity to get informed on how the fund works and the profile of the companies it supports but also to pitch their ideas in front of Uni.Fund’s experts, receive valuable feedback and be able to further develop their ideas targeting at offering their services / products in the market in the near future.
According to Mrs Katerina Pramatari (Uni.Fund), “…Usually it takes some steps before you are ready from the idea to get funding especially from a VC fund. Today, we want participants understand what is the distance and the process to get closer there. If you manage to attract funding by a VC fund, then this means that you have an idea that is scalable and addresses an important need and a big market. This is really good for someone, especially in the beginning, to understand if they have an idea that can go to that stage. Of course there are more steps to follow before they start discussions with a VC fund. We are really happy to be here today, to contribute to the better understanding of the participants to that direction…”
Mrs Dora Trachana (Uni.Fund) said a few words about the Uni.Fund and as she underlined “…What we want to see in every idea we invest in is the Business Validation, i.e. that there is a market for your service / product, there is at least one willing to pay for the service or product and get there the earliest possible…..”
The pitching of the top five (5) ranked ideas in the transnational innovative idea competition then followed.
Dimitar Mitrevski (Bintern), Akis Vacharelis (Treez.gr), Christina Chrysafi (VR fitting rooms), Chrysanthi Apostolou (Robonius) and Aleksandar Poposki (Aquapot) presented their ideas and received feedback from Uni.Fund experts.
The ideas were all addressing a need out there in the market. There is great potential and room for improvement, and we are confident that many of the ideas pitched will be worked in feedback loops in order to be further developed, commercialized and offered to the market in the near future.
Congratulation to all the participants !!!!