In order to encourage women to get involved in business and contribute to reducing gender imbalances,  PREDA Plus Foundation on 19th of June 2019 organized Womenpreneurs Stories to  inspire women in a relaxed, motivating atmosphere of  beautiful ambiance of Porta Jazz.

PREDA Plus Foundation continues to support the importance of women’s active role in the community, their connection and engagement. We initiate collaboration with all stakeholders and companies that recognize this potential, making positive changes that lead to economic empowerment of women, fostering leadership in all areas, and creating a society of equal opportunities.

Equality between men and women is one of the fundamental principles of European Union and the equal representation of women and men in the labor market is one of the key areas where European Union is examining the application of the principle of equality.

Inspiring stories for greater involvement of women in entrepreneurship as part of the Employouth -Acceleration Programme, financially supported by the EU through the Interreg cross-border cooperation program with Greece in the realization PREDA Plus Foundation.